Education and Qualifications:

2011 – 2015            Msci (Hons) Physics - First Class

                                       Nottingham Trent University

    Aggregate for Third year - 81%

    Research Project (First Class): Physics of droplet impacts on granulated surfaces


2015 – Present        PhD Student/Teaching Assistant

                                       University of Sheffield

                                       Investigations of singlet exciton fission in protein bound organic aggregates

    Variety of teaching duties (including core physics with 2nd year students)


Previous Research: 

2015 – Present: PhD project

I am involved in two projects within the university. The first and foremost being the study of singlet exciton fission concerning organic aggregates (Mostly carotenoids) bound in maquette (simple man made) proteins. This project involves working with ultrafast (10fs) transient absorption spectroscopy to probe the involved dynamics. A second project I am involved in concerns the creation of microcavities for polariton research using organic materials.

September 2014 – June 2015:

Investigative research into hydrophobic surface behaviour using glass beads analogous to granular soil surfaces. This was carried out in order to study the effects of impact behaviour of rain after forest fires (the fire’s cause hydrophobic tendencies in the soil and lead to large scale destruction). The results taken were included in a body of work that was put forward for publishing at the end of June 2015.

June – September 2014:

I was employed at Nottingham Trent University between June and September 2014 in the undergraduate research scheme. During this time I was building a microwave emitter to produce plasma in a low cost manner (Mostly using a domestic microwave oven). This was part of a larger project to create a low cost, small scale model of a fusion reactor on campus over the next few years.