Current Group Members

Jenny Clark

Team Leader. I moved to the University of Sheffield in early 2015 from Cambridge to start an Advanced Vice-Chancellor's Fellowship. You can find me in office D16 (Hicks Building).

See my CV.


Andrew Musser

Postdoc. Working on the EPSRC hybrid polaritonics project. Previous PhD with Richard Friend, Cambridge, looking at singlet exciton fission in a range of different materials.

Oleksandra Korychenska

Grantham Scholar PhD student co-supervised with Dr. Ahmed Iraqi (Chemistry Department). I work on synthesising and characterising solution-processable organic semiconductors.

More information: CV

Daniel Polak

PhD student. Working in the field of singlet exciton fission in organic materials bound to proteins. Additionally involved in organic materials for polariton research

More information: CV

Francesco Rossetto

Born in 1988, had a wide range of academic experience. Got a bachelor degree in 2012 in Physics and a Master degree in 2014 in nuclear physics with a thesis about Monte Carlo codes applied to the design of an isotope production facility. Currently studying in Sheffield for a Ph.D. in organic semiconductor physics.

Jozra Garrido Velasco

PhD Student. Working on understanding the photophysics of highly ordered organic semiconductors.


David Bossanyi

PhD student. Studying ways to improve exciton diffusion in organic semiconductors and singlet fission materials as part of the Centre for Doctoral Training in New and Sustainable Photovoltaics.


Previous Group Members

Nick Paul

Previous PhD student and postdoc. Worked on the photophysics of photosystem II and its interaction with metal and graphene oxides at the University of Cambridge. Jointly supervised with Dr. Erwin Reisner and Prof. Richard Friend. Now a postdoc in the Motzkus group in Heidelberg.

Simon Gélinas

Previous PhD student. Worked on the photophysics of organic solar cells and organic semiconductors.

Mark Wilson

Previous PhD Student. Worked on understanding singlet fission in pentacene and tetracene. Now a postdoc at MIT.


Branislav Dzurnak

Now works in Czech Republic on monolayers of organics bound to Si crystals.

More information: CV